The State Board of Accounts and the National School Breakfast/Lunch Program require School Food Authorities to establish written administrative guidelines and policy for meal charges.

LCIS has an essential role in the lives of students by providing them with a foundation for healthy living and learning.  LCIS’s Food Services Department makes affordable, healthy, and nutritious breakfasts and lunches available to all LCIS students.  It is the responsibility of each student’s parents to provide meals either by supplying food from home, sending money to school so that the school may supply a meal, or applying for meal assistance through the free and reduced meal programs.

Students may have an occasional need for assistance with the meal funds. Meal charges are strongly discouraged; but managing money is a part of the learning process. Therefore, LCIS students may charge up to $50.00 to his/her meal account. Ala carte items will not be sold to students with a negative account balance. A full reimbursable meal is available when a student does not have money in hand at the time of meal service; alternate meals are not offered.

LCIS Food Services Department shall notify parents by text, email, or other written communication when an account has a negative balance. Once an account is delinquent with an account balance over $50.00 or the account has a negative balance for more than thirty (30) days, LCIS Food Services Department shall send one final collection/warning letter home with a student before turning the account over to the school attorney for collection. If the charged amount exceeds $50.00 or the account has a negative account balance for more than thirty (30) days, the account will be turned over to the school attorney for collection.  After the account has been turned over to the attorney, payment arrangements and collections shall occur only through the attorney’s office. The student’s parent or guardian shall be responsible for paying the delinquent account plus attorney fees in the amount of one-third of the delinquent account balance or $200.00, whichever is greater, and, if suit is filed, any court costs.

LCIS Food Services Department is authorized to establish regulations consistent with this policy to implement and manage food services and collections.

For further information, please see LCIS Policy FS02_Collections.