Forging a Brighter Future


LCIS is small enough to remain flexible to accommodate all learners and provides a peaceful rural school setting that maintains a strong sense of community. The LCIS curriculum places strong emphasis on language arts, reading comprehension, and math skills with an hour and forty minutes per day devoted to each content area. The LCIS mission is to help students revise and deepen knowledge in these content areas to achieve mastery in preparing students for future academic challenges and for career readiness. High ability students will be challenged with concepts of more complexity to ensure maximized academic growth. As well, LCIS will be offering foreign language beginning in the elementary grades so that students will be actively engaged in a bilingual learning platform as they enter, interact, and compete in a global environment. Character development, citizenship skills, and personalized instructional strategies will be working platforms at every grade level. A holistic approach to instruction will be incorporated by all instructors that goes beyond academics to give students coping skills to increase self-esteem and to manage adversity. LCIS is also pleased to announce that it will be employing a full-time counselor to help students both manage stress and help plan for and explore career opportunities.

All students will be engaged in hands-on learning opportunities in all facets of the curriculum. Students will be engaged in STEAM-related projects-based learning opportunities. This approach will blend science, technology, engineering, arts and math to replicate real-world experiences. School personnel plan to offer and engage students in many dynamic projects, including such things as Legos, robotics, and other technologies to cultivate and advance their creative imaginations.

School personnel plan to use both the indoor classroom setting and the world outside as learning venues. Among the varied outdoor school-related activities, school personnel plan to use the F2T, Farm to Table, program as a means to help students learn about food groups, plants, vegetables and gardening. School personnel will also take students on outdoor excursions to explore science and nature. The staff wants the universe to be the playground of instruction for students.

LCIS is also being carefully designed to ensure that parents have a critical voice in the school’s governance and operation. The school wants to partner in harmony with parents as, together, we help their children. LCIS understands how vital parental involvement is, which is why this format has been incorporated into the operating LCIS By-Laws. We use the T.E.A.M. concept: Together Everyone Achieves More.

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