How Will We Address the Needs of All of Our Students?

Every child is important, and special curriculum plans will be developed for students with special needs. LCIS plans to support a significant number of children with a special IEP or Section 504 Plans and is looking forward to those opportunities.

In addition to the IEPs and Section 504 Plans developed for students with special needs, parents may meet with teachers quarterly to discuss the academic growth of students and to ensure understanding of the individual educational goals that are vital to the student’s continued academic growth. As well, students in general education will be closely monitored through data to ensure they are progressing at grade-level rates according to state standards. If a student seems to be struggling with a critical skill, a meeting should take place to see if intervention, tutoring, an IEP, or Section 504 is needed. Teachers will use trending data from the previous year’s IEP or Section 504 Plan as reference data to help generate the current year’s plan.

During the course of the academic year, teachers will maintain consistent and timely communication with parents about their child’s progress in mastering the components embedded in their respective IEPs or Section 504 Plan. The overarching goal of LCIS is to help every student master all competencies and academic standards necessary in order for him or her to be adequately prepared and equipped to achieve success as he or she matriculates into the next level of education.