17 May 2021 / 7 PM / Lawrence County Independent Schools


Holly Arnold, Jami Hardin, Chad Shock, Jerry Sonheim, Ryan Turner, Trisha Turner


Opening and welcome by Trisha Turner, Chairman

Approval of Construction Contract

Jerry Sonheim makes a motion to approve contract with T&G Construction, seconded by Ryan Turner. Motion passes unanimously.

Approval of Quote for Fire Monitoring Supplies and Service

Jami Hardin makes a motion, seconded by Jerry Sonheim. Motion passes unanimously.

Presentation of new board members nominees

Presentation by Jami Hardin of the Nominations and Elections Committee of Jennifer Armstrong, Brian Grissom, and Jason Lyons. The committee will be collecting their resumes and sending them to the board for review.

Public Comments

Final Announcements

Meeting adjourned at 7:13 pm